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John O'Brien
John O'Brien
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I need some advice please. I have a property in Nottingham that has been let to a LHA recipient. It turns out after 4 months, I have found out that she is only entitled to 68 per week LHA but the rent equates to 110 per week. The agents in question have failed to check that she is not entitled to full rent payment of 110 per week amongst many other things that are too many to list here now.
The property has been removed from Westbrookes and placed with a new one who are attempting to sort the problems out, something which should never have happened in the first place.

What I would like to know is:
1. Have I cause for legal action against Westbrookes for any losses?
2. How can I find out if I will receive all the back rent monies from LHA?
3. If not, how do I get the tenant to pay?
4. Can their deposit be used to offset their rent debt?
5. Westbrookes are being extremely uncooperative in dealing with this problem, how do I get them to disclose full information regarding where the tenants deposit is?
6. The 6 month contract ends March 7th. What paperwork do I need to serve the tenant with to gain possession of the property?

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.
I can be contacted on 07803 558146.

Many thanks

John O'Brien

15/01/2013 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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