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What if tenant ignores s21-next course of action

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Need advice. I have a tenant, this is their second year in the property, a s21 Notice has been served for them to vacate on the 5th April this year (6mths since the start of the new T/Agreement), but I know from dealing with this tenant that he will prolong his stay in the property for ever if he could. The main question is, how,when and what can I put in place preferably before the 5/04/09 arrives, incase he is still in the property so that I can act swiftly and quickly to get rid of him.

This may sounds harsh but let me give you some background info on this family man. Without my permission he knocked down the property's front garden wall so he can park another two of his vehicles in the front garden even though the house has an attached garage and a drive, he has removed the back fence of the garden so that he can have easy access to an allotment area which he has a plot, when I verbally increased the rent he agreed then two months later informed me that there was no agreement as he has not recieved anything in writting, I issued a notice of rent increase and is now taking me to the Residential Property Tribunal service (Rent Assessment Panel), in the first year of the T/A his wife and he requested me to leave the Council Tax and Water Rate on my name but they will still pay all charges when I inform them of the amount, I stupidly agreed and found myself with Baliffs at my door with a bill of almost 2000 which I had to pay. I am currently 4500 down because of this man. Advice will be appreciated.

14/02/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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