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Thanks for taking time to look at this for me, it's much appreciated. Just to confirm my situation here's the story so far!!!!

I can't remember the dates but around 12 - 18 months ago,I entered into a shorthold tenancy agreement for 6 months with 2 girls who would rent my flat. The contract ran out and since that time it renewed on a rolling basis with nothing in writing. In Dec 2008 I was considering putting the rent up so the 2 girls got me to agree that if I kept it as it was (600 pcm) they would stay until June. One of the two contacted me a week or so ago and said she was moving out. She suggested offsetting the loss of rent (1200) by me keeping her deposit. I said this is what I would do but that if I found a replacement I would return it. She then asked me for 2 references which I provided. She has since text me and said that she is taking me to the county court for 900 compensation on the basis that I haven't lodged the deposit in a deposit scheme. This is despite what she said about me keeping it. She has moved out now and I presume left the room in a reasonable condition (though who knows!) I am fairly peed off as you can imagine since not only do I lose 1200 rent but she says I will have to pay her another 900!

Hope this is sufficient detail to alllow you to give me some advice on what to do next
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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