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I'm unsure what i can do regarding my tenants. I have 3 tenants in my property. They all have an agreement with me, however they agreement is based on them sharing the house rather than room letting. The problem is one is not paying his rent, and all others have broken the agreement. This has been done via the following:

1) Having two large dogs in the house.
2)Having a cat.
3) Leaving the house in a very dirty state.
4) Having dog and cat food everywhere.
5) Moving in a 4th person who pays no rent etc, and havs not asked permission to be there.
6) Not paying the deposit. The onl;y reason i allowed this was because one was my brother, and i was told it would be really with a month of living in the property, but this never happened.

All the tenants are on dss, and i normaly get the rent paid into my account, however housing benifit has stopped one, and one of the other tenants has asked for his to be stopped as there was a mouse in the house. I have contacted the council about the mouse, however i have told the temnants that i can not pay for treatment when they are leaving the house in the mess they do, leave the back door open 24 hours a day due to the dogs that should not be there.

I now have come to the end of my patients, and wish for them to go, however i was pushed out the house yesterday, told i will not be allowed back in, and that i will need to take them to court on 3 different cases for each meaning that they will not need to leave the property for two years, and not have to pay rent. Please advise what i can do.

30/09/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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