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If you are interested to see the full history behind this post please see my message posted in 'access' on 14th December entitled 'Property abandoned by tenant'.

My good relationship with a tenant ground to a halt when he announced that he was moving out. He refused to communicate with my letting agent or me, and left the property unheated in November and December when there was a very high risk of damage occurring due to burst pipes etc'.

I am not local to the property and the agent informed me that he was not allowed to inspect the property without the tenant's permission.... perfectly ridiculous in these circumstances.

Despite the law being on the tenant's side I was left in an impossible situation (by the law itself) and felt that plain common sense was on my side. Henceforth I employed a locksmith to gain access to the property, make sure it was secure and change the locks (which were delivered immediately to the agent). The agent then arranged a draindown to frost proof the place.

I immediately sent the tenant an email and a text message informing him what I had done and why, and that he would need to contact the agent to arrange supervised access to collect his belongings.

In January the tenant contacted the agent saying he was going to dispute my claim to withold his deposit. Since his rent was unpaid from November I knew he wasn't going to win that one!

Unsuprisingly, about a week later on a friday, he contacted the agent saying he was going to drop his dispute and wanted access to the property for the entire weekend. I declined his request because my trust in him has evaporated and who knows what his intentions were: party, stipping out the boiler and pipework to sell for scrap, wrecking the place, squatting, etc' etc'. No way!

The agent explained to him that supervised access, at a mutually convenient time, booked in advance was the way forward.

His belongings that are still in the property are obviously surplus to requirement (as he is now living in his late mother's house). The locksmith informed me that in his opinion it would take a couple of hours to put everything in bin liners and it would all fit into the back of an estate car.

In two weeks time we reach the end of our 2 month notice period and I get my property back at long last. The question is what do I do with his stuff? The agent is keeping a low profile and I think this probably means that they have no idea either!
I thought that I would send the tenant an email, (I don't have an address), explaining that once this date has passed the property is mine to do with as I wish and, whilst I very much hope he will be able to make an arrangement with the agent to collect his belongings, the house will have to be cleared at which point it is entirely possible his belongings will be thrown away.

He is basically using the property for free storage of the items not essential to him at the moment!

If anyone has any better ideas/knowledge then I would very much appreciate you sharing them with me. Thanks.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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