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I have a tenant on a six months AST (started 14/05/2008. Sec 21 issued same day). After a month Mr X left the property leaving Miss X and her 2 children in the property and she is no longer working. No further rent has been paid and Miss X refuses to answer my calls and will not speak to me if I call to see her.

She initially claimed to have made a claim to Housing benefit but the Housing Benefit dept have received none.

I have been advised by my gas inspector that when he did the gas safety inspection he noticed they had (without permission) fitted slippy an potentially dangerous gloss ceramic tiles to the bathroom floor and I noticed myself that they are using the dining suite supplied as garden furniture.

I have the following questions:-

1. If I issue against both tenants will Mr X still be liable, even though he has left the property ?

2. If I use both Sec 21 for rent arrears and Sec 8 for breach of contract will it slow down the re possession?

3. If I only issue on Sec 21 grounds can I get compensation for the damages ?

4. I took a photograph, of the suite being used as garden furniture, from the public footpath to the rear of the property, can I add this to the evidence or is it classed as harassment ?

5. I have a letter from the gas fitter explaining his concern about the tiles, can I include this as evidence.


Richard A Caukill

16/07/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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