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TDS adjudication process injustice + problems with RLA log-through to TDS

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I have just had a decision from the TDS that I consider unfair.

The system requires that I say I will accept the decision of an adjudicator and offers no other choice in the matter. I don't consider that requirement to be in line with natural justice.

Could the RLA make a case against the TDS requirement that landlords have to accept the opinion of one anonymous adjudicator, without a proper hearing in person, with no personal representation nor any right of appeal?

About my case: The adjudicator made great play that I should not 'gain' from use of the deposit yet said little about the point of a deposit being there to cover losses for which the tenant is responsible. I have had to replace carpets that the tenant allowed cats to pee over - carpets that were probably good for another 10 years or more, yet somehow I have 'gained' by replacing them. Roughly, the figures are approx £620 costs, against which I expected £460 (the deposit amount) allowing £160 for the 'gain' to me. The adjudicator awarded £90 on the £60 the tenant had admitted, so giving me less that quarter of the cost of a forced replacement that only became necessary because of the bad tenant. To me that is a ridiculous conclusion and makes me wonder why I pay for inventory and for TDS fees and go through the time consuming bother of having to load evidence on-line if I am going to suffer stupid decisions like that.

The net effect by the way is that I won't allow animals from now on!

Additionally, I have had to raise issue with the TDS about their web-site. I login via the RLA site, but instructions from the TDS assumes that I have a TDS login which we don't have - so it was incredibly confusing and required phone calls to navigate the process. I have written a full report of the problems for the TDS. They do say (verbally) that they are reworking their web-site. Given that this is a bother that relates to the RLA log-through, the RLA should be aware of this and ask to be informed of the process of addressing the issues that I raised with them.

06/06/2019 09:34

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