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Problem tenant!!

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This is a commercial letting question but I am sure someone can help? It is relating to a barn in a small farm yard.

I took on a tenant who started paying his rent as of 01/09. He had a rent relief for about 2 weeks so that he could move his stuff over and we could get the electrics in.

His business is relating to car parts and as I understand it he breaks down the car parts and then sells them on. He was supposed to keep all of his belongings inside of the barn.

He then asked for a container as an "office" area which we supplied to him. He kept asking for different things and never made up his mind. For some of his requests it was said that if he wanted to carry out that work then he could with permission.

When the electrics were installed he was aggressive and rude towards them. When asked as to why he was driving across private land he again got rude and aggressive. He hung up the phone and when speaking face to face he shouted, was aggressive, rude, discriminating etc. Honestly, I can's stress how horrible he was. After that he calmed down he asked for an extra yard so that he could carry on with his work which we agreed to offer him starting payment as of 01/11.

He complained about the security and so the gate codes were changed and he was supplied with a gate fob. When the water was installed just yesterday he walked over and said "is that it"? At which point he was told to f off. Agreeably probably not the best way to go about it but he has been that nasty what else to do.

Considering he has only paid for the barn area for just 2 months and the container for just 1 and the yard had not yet been billed for what grounds has he got? There is no lease as yet.

He has now emailed and said that he will not talk to anyone other than in writing and if he or his workers are approached by us then that would be considered harassment. However, he is in the yard where a number of other people are and there is no choice but to go into the yard. How do we get rid of him? Is there any way of serving him notice to leave although there is no contract considering he has only paid for 2 months? After trying so hard with him too and doing things that he has asked has this been his motive all along?

Stuck with what to do. He is still in the yard and to be honest we want him gone asap. His next rent is due on monday. We don't want his money or him. Can anyone shed some light on what to do? I woule

28/10/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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