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We have some tennants in a large Farmhouse, they have been there just over two years. Since arriving with three dogs they have since increased without our permission to 7 dogs (Labraddodles) and are also breeding them as well as looking after other dogs for people who are on holiday.They have had since christmas 36 pups. Since moving into the house they have removed all the downstairs carpets without any permission, they have since said they would put carpets down before they leav. We have served them notice which was up on the 15th December 2010, but since this was so close to christmas we told them they could stay till the new year as long as rent was paid. They are now this weekend in the process of leaving, telling us the are flying to California, we have since found out they are moving to Gloucester. They say they will settle up on Monday when they leave, but we are almost certain they will be long gone before then. There rent was due on the 25th February so they are now in areas. We hold bond of 950 which will cover the cleaning of the house, which is quite bad, all the dogs have the run of the house and repairs to the garden which is very badly damaged due to the dogs. The lawn is worn away and shrubs uprooted. What rights do we have, is he just able to do this and move on to another property, we are unable to obtain his new address. He also seperatly rents a shed off us which is not in his agreement.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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