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A bit of advice is needed.

I want a tenant to leave a shared house(5 bed himo) because although her parents pay her rent of 290pcm including bills, she is a constant moaner about issues that should be dealt with between the tenants such as house cleaning etc.She is also a lareg thorn in my side.

1. She sends me text messages late at night which are offensive
2. her mother who lives in Spain stays here whenever she feels like it without asking me or the other occupiers if its ok,
3. she has lost her room keys a dozen times and on one occassion borrowed a set of ladders to get in through her third floor bedroom window.She then had her lock changed on her room without telling me and didnt give me the spare key for 2 months.When i tried her spare key to see if it worked I noticed her sterio was left on so switched it off and she acused me of entering her room without notice etc etc.

Her rent is due on the 29th of the month so is the expiry date the 28th March?.

Would you recommend issuing a section 8 on the grounds that the mother stays here also?.Do you think a judge would think that is enough reason to ask her to leave?.I have not written to her about that so shes had no warning but the ast does state the room islet to her only.

03/01/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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