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I have just inspected a 2 bed property occupied by a single mother of three. She took tenancy late in 08 pays rent on time never any trouble from neighbours and never phones me. I last inspected house nine months ago when I was amazed at the condition, walls half stripped, painted different colours, clothes and litter everywhere. Her two children didn't even have beds made up and I think they were left to sleep in their prams(I notified social services) She also informed me that she was 8.5 months pregnant! She has two other teenage daughters who I also suspect one of them lives at this address with her boyfriend. Following our visit she pointed out some damp in the ceiling/walls(which was not there on previous visit)I think it could be condensation with the amount of people living there, she has never informed me of this, but has a letter from council regarding damp. I have organised an inspection to find cause. We immediately offered her an alternative property, (3 bed semi newly refurbed higher rental) but apprehensive about this but feel we had too, either way this women cannot live at this address while any remedial work is ongoing?(would we be liable for arranging this?)The property is obviously over crowded so would she not get preferential housing off council? Could we serve her notice for breaching tenancy agreement with the number of people living at property(if evidence were gained) and failing to maintain condition? Any help appreciated.
27/04/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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