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I have a tenant who I considered a good friend, husband and wife. They moved in agreeing to an amount to be paid each month and requested a T/Agreement to state 800pcm and would top the remaining balance by cash each month, I agreed (I have declared the full amount to Revenue, if your wondering) also not for the name on the Council Tax Bill to be changed so it remained on my name. They fell three months behind on the top-up but I was assured this will be paid very soon, I trusted them and thought nothing of it.

At the start of this month I drew up a new contract stating 850pcm and informed them that the top-up will also be increased, also reminded them to continue paying the C/Tax and I need the top-up arrears settled, they agreed.

I now find myself in an awfull position; they have not paid the top-up nor have they paid the C/Tax, well they only paid one months and as the Bailiffs arrived an added amount was charged, a few days ago I had to settle the bill, cost me 1800.00. It does not end there, At the begining of this month I drew up a new contract stating 850.00pcm and I receive a letter from my freind.........emmmm stating that only the amount on the Contract was agreed and no top-up was ever mentioned. I am paid by DD so they have record of making regular paymenmts.

I paid them a visit, unknown to them I recorded the whole conversation; they admitted asking me to place a different amount on the contract and agreed to pay the top-up each month and that they were in arrears with the top-up. They also stated to pay the C/Tax as agreed from the start of the Tenancy. What also surprised me was that they admitted subletting a room for financial gain, it came to a suprise but I chose to ignore this, still considering them as freinds.

As I departed from their home I felt that my appearance was not going to change there mind as they only need to pay 850pcm for all the comfort they have, this is having a serious effect on me financially.

I decided to give them Notice of Eviction under Section 8, stating Rent Arrears as I now have it on tape and also Subletting.

Am I going the right way of Evicting them, HELP.
Please advise me and/or give me step by step instructions on how to rid of this couple.

Kind regards,
I. Asmal

25/10/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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