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Female Tenant, given 12 month AST commencing December 1st/07
Presently 3 weeks behind with rent
Gives me written notice to vacate which I acknwledge in writing and then she refuses to move out.
Tenant has breached lease (a)non-payment of rent; (b)smokes on premises; (c) noise violation (d) drunk and disorderly behaviour.
Discovered in January that tenant is a chronic alcoholic.
Police, Ambulances and Social Services have twice broken into premises in past 2 weeks and taken her to hospital (described both incidents as 'life and death' emergency situations). Irrepairable damage to door second time which is now left unlocked and insecure.
Tenant has defacated and urinated on clothing in communal garden and left this clothing at front of house for other residents to deal with. Tenant has been offering sexual favours to young men in the local pub as a 'reward' for buying her drinks. This person was evidently once bright and articulate holding a well-paid job. She is now non-communicative and desperately in need of help and on-going support. Because she is an alcoholic none is forthcoming. She is a dangerous liability, not only to herself but to others. Her smoking is of serious concern because the tenant below is afraid that she could conceivably fall asleep with a cigarette in her hand. She is also a constant nuisance to other residents in the surrounding properties, walking in on them uninvited, wondering around the shared garden naked from the waist down etc. I visited this lady 2 weeks ago when she was 'recovering' in hospital and met her family. They are genuinely kind people but cannot cope with the stress anymore and are therefore refusing to take her back. For 4 years they have pleaded with the authorities to do something constructive, which they won't. The property is a detached brick 1930's house converted into two self-contained flats (upstairs and downstairs) - current valuation is in excess of 250k. It is located in an fine area and the local residents while sympathetic are reaching breaking point. Your professional advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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