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I have been battling with HB for sometime as they wish to stop paying the HB direct to myself and give to the tenant. I have xpressed several times that the tenant will not pay me, but was told i have to wait a period of 2mths. The tenant assulted myself and a friend, and the police have told him he can not go anywhere near me. With this in mind, i went to the police station, got it in writing he can not come near me. Took this to HB, to prove that not only is he planning on keeping the money, but he has no form of contact to pay the rent to me. First they told me he can set up a bank account to pay it to me, to which i told them he can not contact or am i giving him my personal details. Also, it is part of the tenant agreement that the rent is paid direct from HB. They told me on 13/11/08 that the payment would be stopped to him until they viewed my letter ect that i gave them on 13th nov 2008, however i rang today 15/11/08, and the payment was not stopped, he was sent a cheque! I have asked them to sort this out as they have all the evidence, and their letter to me was if i could prove it could not be paid, then it would come to me. I have been told as the cheque has not been cashed it can be stopped, and a stop has been placed on it. I will call back on monday to see if the left hand knows what the rigth is doing. I'm in process of getting him out via the court on grounds of damage, assult, and keeping bak some of the HB ( for some crazy reason they allowed 1 3rd each month to be paid direct to him) which i did not see a penny of. Also he has put two dogs, a cat and a ferret in the house, when the contract says no pets. Can't understand why the law is in a way that these people can gain so much, however i'm sure at the end of it it will go my way.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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