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I have recieved a letter and notice from enviromental health listed lots of things wronge with the house i have rented, and i have 7 days to fix it. The tenants have not informed myself, and i'm aware they have damaged my house as i have pictures of it and reported it to them in writing. I have given them a section 8 notice which is up on the 16th. Can i ask them to vacate due to the list of items as they are saying due to the staircase it is unsafe, and the elec is unsafe? I need to get my own person in the house to get me a report, but can't do all of it in 7 days. If the house is as bad as they say ( which i know they have caused) then it may not be fit for them to live in, so they need to leave. Also, EH is saying the house is HMO. I have rented it to 3 people one agreement, but housing benifit asked for it on 3, however i still stated on the agreement that i'm only writing it on 3 as it has been requested, however the house is rented to 3 people and all have to give rent. Its not rented as rooms. Advise please.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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