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I have six month lease with tenants living in flat above a shop which I also own. 8 weeks ago I gave them notice to leave in a letter and confirmed with telephone text messages followed up with a duplicate letter which I delivered personally to one of the tenants. They have to the end of this month to quit the premises.

The female couple who occupy the one bedroom unfurnished flat have been very awkward from the outset. They share metered water with the shop tenant which is transparent in the sense that they can see exactly what their usage is and pay accordingly - a process which has worked unhindered in the 10 years I have owned the two properties.

Their refusal to pay has led to a nasty confrontation between the shop owner and themselves which led to the shop owner being reduced to tears on a Saturday during her busiest working day.

I have defused that situation by taking over the burden of collecting the water for their flat myself but in the process gave them notice to quit as I deemed this unreasonable behaviour and told them I no longer wished to extend their lease on the flat.

They have refused to acknowledge any of my letters, telephone calls and text messages.

I have also explained it is a matter of urgency to enter the flat as their is a flood problem which stems from their shower and is now damaging the ceiling in the shop. They have denied me access a condition of their lease.

They also keep dogs and the dogs have fouled the flat and their mess has been deposited on waste bags which have not been cleared from the doorstep which is now creating a fly infestation problem.

I am seeking advice to know what next steps I can take to get these tenants to leave. Please advise.

David Alford

21/06/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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