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I have spoken to one of your RLA legal team earlier this week but the dispute has moved on and I wondered if someone could take a look at my position and give me some guidence on my next step forward.
I have tenants in my mums house for which I am the letting agent. The tenants have moved out of the property after only 3 months of the tenancy because they had a dispute with the Neighbour . At the begining of the tenancy we toolk two months rent in advance, instead of a deposit, they gave 4 weeks notice on 1st March 2008 and moved out on 31st March 2008. They insist that they do not have to complete the 6 months term as agreed in the RLA short term tenancy agreement, and they have not paid this months (April) rent. The house was not as clean as it was when they moved in and the lawns had not been cut. I have informed them that if they did not do the work I would charge them and I gave them 1 week to complete with a deadline of yesterday which passed without any work being done. I have also informed them that they are liable for advertising costs and my time showing prospective tenants around the property. They will not send any Correspondence to me as the agent, they insist on sending quite disturbing letters to my elderly mum threatening legal action if she does not return their deposit. They also will not give me a forwarding address because I believe they have moved back into the house they moved out of when they rented our house, telling us their house was for sale, but it obviously fell through. Sorry to go on a bit but it is getting quite complicated.
Yours Sincerely
Andrew Greenhalgh
19/04/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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