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On the 12th April, I telephoned to see weather the tenants were gone, and was told the manageress was actually going to the house that afternoon and would phone me when she got back. I got no call. I phoned again and was told she was still not available. I said I would still like to speak with her but was now going to take legal advice on claiming for negligence and loss of rent. It was suggested "I should put it all in an e mail to get the ball rolling as soon as possible"
I did this over the week end and also checked all my bank statements to be sure of getting all the payment dates correct. To my amazement, I found I had not recieved a payment for September, even though I had received a statement from the agency, stating: "We detail below the balance of monies due to you in respect of the above property for the current month. The net amount due to you has been paid direct to your bank account."
I sent the e mail first thing Monday morning,16th April. I got no reply.
On Tuesday, 17th April 07, on your advice, I telephoned their solicitor department to put the complaint to one of the partners. All the time I was explaining what had happened, the partner was stating I must have advised her to go ahead with it all and as such, it was as much me to blame for what happened. (I could feel he was trying to intimidate me). In actual fact, she was advising me on the best way to proceed and I didn't know what else to do. I know now I should have sought independant advice...but I thought the agency had my best interests in mind!
The solicitor called me back, after speaking with the agency, and has told me that the section 8 was issued in March 07, not Feb so that means we have to wait even longer!
I am now, at the present time out of pocket by 3,530. (8 months)

Do you think I have any chance of claiming any compensation, bearing in mind I am fighting a firm of solicitors?

I look forward to receiving your advice
Kind regards,

23/04/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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