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Many thanks for this - I have also been advised of the suingmyagent website due to go live soon and will need to refer to that I realise. I wonder however whether I would have a strong case to sue?
My property was marketed and let for less than the rentalprice without my knowledge - the agent tried to make amends (by reducing commision payable accordingly), but let the property to a heavy smoker and a dog (against the TA terms)so smoke discoloration meant everything was yellowed and all white goods sctrached badly on face by dog - the tenants were foreign and agent did not make it clear to them (despite me asking them to do so) about the terms telling me that it was up to the tenant to read the contract before they signed it on the day they move in (a bit late then)The agent tried to amend (following my complaint about a particular sales person)by re painting in cheap emulsion - over woodwork also, and given 40 for compensation for white goods with no discussion. Alarm box and lights are yellowed, but no compensation there. When property marketed again they had few viewings - when I phoned (as a possible tenant) to ask about properties in the area of my house (they only had mine) I was told they had none. Property in highly sought after area, yet got few if any viewings. 6 weeks after poor tentnats left I instructed another agent and suddenly viewings began with both agents - I have no proof but am certain they made no effort to let the property for 6 weeks. I phoned 3 times and at no time did they take my details even when I said I wanted a property in the area. I have a new tenant in now (privately done) who also tells me she phoned specifically asking for my house and the agent never came back to her. I am suspicious of the inventories done, as items have not been bought to my attention such as shrub border being replaced with stones, grass strimmer gone astray, and so dont think they actually did them properly which is why I need to see them. They are charging landlords 30 to administer the insured TenantDepositScheme so that they can hold the deposit in their account (is that legal?). The female of the poor tenants was 8mths pregnant when applied, yet they credit scored her for half the rent on her full income, when she was about to leave work (is that really in my best interest?). Agent has not infomred me of chemical damage cosmetically to what was a new cooker (hence query on inventory), yet have only recently noticed that when showing private viewings and re cleaning oven after agents professional clean left cooker in filthy state. Fence panel and and tree fallen in garden in Jan and despite numerous requests I eventually gave up and did it myself in June. Agent did not inform Council of new tenants and i receieved demands and had to tell them myself - I am sure there are plenty of other thnigs but these come to mind initially. I realise that you may not be able to say absolutely - but given that the agent has tried to make amends do you think I can still sue as issues other than the poor tenants situation make me supicious, although have no proof until I see the inventories?

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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