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Hi there,

I own a property which has been rented out through a rental agent for the last couple of years. During 2007 they have stopped paying rent into my account although they have received it from the tennant.

I have attempted to contact them on many occassions but only once I have managed to speak to someone as they have moved offices and have said they are no longer interested in managing single properties. They have however not responded in any manner.

I sent the following letter to them which summarises the situation. My question is basically how should I now preceed with regards to legal matters etc. The problem is added to by the fact that I am heading overseas in the next few weeks for a few months. I do however feel what they have done is completely wrong. I have found other comments online from other people who have had the same problem. I have checked with Companies House and the company is still trading.

'I am writing to inform you that I have received no rental and no management services from Chapel Estates since December 2006 with regards to my property detailed above. I have confirmed and seen evidence that my tenant has been paying rent regularly as always. I have tried on countless times to call and reconcile matters. I did on one occasion manage to speak to your employee Martin Cooper who informed me that you have moved offices and are no longer interested in managing single properties. He also stated that you would refund all the money which has been taken. In addition you also have copies of all the paperwork from the rental which I require back from you.

I am very disappointed in the way in which I have been exploited after you have managed my property for the last few years. Therefore I am giving you 7 days to send me the 3675.00 (525 * 7) you owe me. I have not deducted the 10% management charges as I have not received any management services from yourselves. If I do not receive this then I will be filing a court claim against yourselves. Please note this letter has been sent to your old and new office addresses and this will be my last contact prior to commencing legal proceedings.'

Your help with this would be very much appreciated

Kevin Poulton
07970 019715

03/10/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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