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Unfortunately, I had the bad sense to let my property through these sharks and as a result I have discovered a myriad of failings on their part.


Foxton sent me a letter 2 days before the expiry of the previous gas cert. to say that they would instruct a new certificate at 135 unless I had sent them a renewed one 14 days prior (note they had no interest in reminding me before I incurred their fees).

However, on the tenants move-out, Foxtons swiftly deducted 135 from my dilapidations money without my permission (and without having issued any invoices or given me a choice of payment method etc). But when I insisted on being sent the original certificate (for my current tenants) after at least 4 recorded phone calls (where they failed to call back as promised after "looking into the matter"), it emerged (through me requesting they email my file to me) that although they had charged me, they had actually never carried one out. I believe they never carried one out because I was not stupid enough to leave "a float" in their coffers despite their energetic ralying as this is cart blanche to deduct as they please (and believe me they do make up charges).

They have since refunded my 135 but I am not satified with this as, if you truly get what you pay for, then I can not justify paying that level of commission(11% for letting only + VAT + 365 TA fee) for them to put me in potential disrepute with my tenants and the law, as well as holding my money in their bank for the last 2 weeks casuing.

This adds to a string of poor service from Foxtons (which is why I will never use them again) including spelling my name wrong in the 365 TA for (and refusing to allow me to use my RLA one); telling me my tenants would not take the property unless it was managed (since found to be a blatant lie); sending letters to my tenants demanding 80 for late payment of rent when all along money was in their account; sending me at least 2 invoices for "investigation of aerial" at 140 each which when queried, turned out to be "an admin error" (I think this is a moneymaking scam they do all managed properties).

I don't want to let them get away with such abysmal conduct as I know they are doing this to many people and make money off those if and wondered if I had a case to grab them by the balls with (as I know they are as slimy as jellied eels).

Any advice, or even just anecdotes of your similar experiences with the F co. appreciated.

17/12/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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