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I have a tenant who has his rent paid via DHHS,he refuses to pay the shortfall agreed in his tenancy agreement, When I visit him I am met with abuseand foul language. He has been a constant nuisance to the other tenants, who are now afraid of him. He lost his keys, and will not purchase a new set, leaving his flat door open, and gaining access through the maib door by putting his arm through the letter box.He had a party on New Years Eve, which was extremely noisy, also he had dogs in his flat, not allowed under his tenancy agreement. He or one of his guests emptied the contents of the fire extinguisher all over the communal area. In short this guy is a complete nuisance, his tenancy does not expire until May, he has been served with a section 21 notice. My feeling is I want to change the locks and let him take me to court. In addition to the above, his dog has wrecked the fire door to his flat, and he has alson used the electricity supply belonging to the landlord, via a very dangerous home made extension lead. Please tell me my quickest legal route to get rid this nuisance. Why should other tenants and indeed myself ahve to put up with peolpe like this. Incidentally, you have probably guessed he does not work. Gets his legal advice free, or rather paid for by the rest of us who earn an honest living.I do hope you are able to help.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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