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Illegal Eviction

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I am presently being taken to the cleaners by a tenant who is suing me for illegal eviction. It is too long to go in to but so far to say I think he has done this before as he has very smatly caused this to be turned on me.
Anyway I have today received a letter from his soliciter via my soliciter setting out the terms that he wants which will prevent him from proceeding with the illegal eviction route.
His terms are that I renew his 6 months AST or his friend renews it. I also let go the cost of damages at approx 1000.00 and also do not pursue the un paid rent which at 29/02/08 will be 1430.00.
Firsly I am not happy to renew the tenancy not only because i know this rent won't get paid over the next 6 months. Other tenants are constantly complaining about his antics, huge parties, drunk and drinking day and night, rubbish being thrown from his flat (1st floor) which is now strewn all over the communal gardens, urinating up the wall outside of the building, the list gose on sure you now. The "friend" who would like to take over the tenancy is as bad if not worse than him and I have been told he is drug dealer also.
Secondly if I renew a AST to him or his "friend" I fear the other landlords and/or the management company will sue me for these tenants being a problem.
I am seeing my soliciter on Thursday afternoon but apart from it costing me buckets it is not doing much for my health.
Why do we do this!!!!!!!!!
26/02/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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