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My tenant proports to be a Sales Director for a international company
but when his rent was overdue on the first month I started to investigate his references. My agent finds a tenant and I then manage maintenance and al problems arising. He is now well overdue with rent and formal notice has been served by my agent.

MY Other concern is he is using my address as his company change of address. When checking his status he is the only director of the company which he informed my agent was a multinational - It has a generic name with 68 pages of websites and it has been tricky to chase him down. He has a history of using this name in all his previous companies and seems to open and shut them all before company records are filed. His last four business address (including one abroad) are all large modern office blocks with large suites avaialble but all offering virtual office and post collection services. This contravenes my mortgage regulations. There is a posing on a blog that he has an alias and the company in question received a regional development grant in 2008 and was dissoved shortly afterwards. I checked this alias against electoral register and it went back to my tenants name and his alias. Help

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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