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Nuisance tenant

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We have a small HMO, 4 tenants. One of them is intimidating and being verbally abusive to the others, trying to get them to leave the property. He argues loudly with his girlfriend swears at her and the other tenants.He has apparently intimidated one of the tenants and demanded money from him - causing him to leave suddenly (we didn't find out about this out until today). Apparently his whole manner is abusive and threatening and he is making the others feel uncomfortable and intimidated - they can't even use the toilet without him banging on the door and swearing at them ! The other tenants have now complained strongly about him so I need to get him out. He is also a housing benefit tenant and now owes almost two months rent. I have read the Section 8 notes and would like you to confirm that if I rely on Ground 14 -nuisance that I only have to give 1 days notice after which - if he doesn't leave I can then issue court proceedings. How do I prove the grounds ? Are statements from the other tenants and witnesses enough ? How quickly will the court react ? I am of course concerned for the well being of the other tenants and have told them to call the police if he physically threatens them. Please advise the quickest procedure to evict him in this instance.
23/05/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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