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I had a 19 year old female tenant on DSS, been in the property 4 weeks so no rent received yet. Female tenant has had domestic situation with visiting boyfriend on the premises, she has called 4 males, allowed them into the property who proceeded to kick the door down (to her own room) wreck the room and the beat the living daylights out of the boyfriend. Prior to this incident they had had a major domestic involving knives and abuse and allegedly the female whilst running riot outside the property proceeding to cause criminal damage to a neighbours vehicle. Further, allegedly, a pizza was ordered by 'someone' at either my property or a neighbours, the entrances are all secluded and at the rear of the building and 4 males proceeded to mug the delivery man. In the 4 short weeks I have had more trouble than I have experienced in all the years of being a landlord. The female was not in the house when I inspected the damage. I called the police and immediately removed all her belongings, put them outside (in sacks) and telephoned and advised her. Without me entering into a dialogue with her (police advice) she is saying I shouldnt have unlocked her door and gone in without her permission. There is no door - its been kicked off its hinges. I am aware I should give notice etc etc, but I am really fearful for my own safety and that of the others in the house. I am also next door to the property so can see most things that go on for myself. Is there any protection at all for me as a landlord with regards to the eviction and the violence that could occur as she clearly mixes with individuals who are more than capable of reprisal, plus I have had no rent and now will not receive any rent and I have all the damages to repair before I can even consider reletting. She has said she wants her room back, but its just not habitable. Do I have to give her the room back and go through the 'procedure' of eviction.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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