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I have a tenant in this house who has only paid the 1st 3 months rent, October, November, December.She owes for January & February, 1,000. She is DSS and has been a problem from 5th November when her Housing benefit was suspended due to her not signing on. This was re-instated eventually, but she has spent the January rent, then found herself in a tangle with her ex-husband who put her in hosiptal for 10 days ? and again her benefit was suspended on 28th January 09.Her benefit has been completley cancelled this time as she is not signing on again and spends most of her time in Torquay with her ill sister. She does not answer her mobile, I have spoken to her son occaisionally when I can catch him coming out of the house, he keeps blaming the lack of response to the mobile phone which never works or are out of credit. My last meeting with Susan Dallas was over 1 month ago just prior to her being admitted into hospital ? when she promised to sort this out and speak to the Housing Benefit, there has been no contact since. She has never replied to any phone calls or text messages or letters.
I am sending a letter, advising that I wish to inspect the house tomorrow, which hopefully should gain me access. Then , I need to start eviction as I do not have the funds to keep paying the rent, nor the time to keep chasing them to pay.
As her tenancy agreement is due to end on 23rd April can I serve her section 21 now ? or is it too late, I need this lady out asap, I can't see things changing at all.
The cost of eviction worries me, as funds are running low. Please can you advise.

Many Thanks Chris Kershaw

12/03/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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