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Hi, we have had complaints from a tenant regarding the noise levels from their neighbour in the above flat. The complaining tenant reports that they had tried to speak to the other tenants regarding the noise levels however this has not worked. We have spoken to the tenants in question following the complaints and the girlfriend of the couple apologised and said that they will keep the noise down which seemed to work for a while however there has been further complaints from the tenant below, and it seems to be mostly from the boyfriend of the couple. She also reports that following the last conversation we had with the noisy tenants she heard them arguing and then he came storming down, she presumed to see her, however she was in her car and drove off as was scared by him. We have asked her to keep a diary of the noise levels and the time that it occurs however we feel that a formal warning of some sort should now be issued but are not sure under what grounds the warning should be issued. We have consulted the AST which states under section C2 but this implies that noise should not be created between 11pm - 7.30am but not about noise outside of these hours.

On all other fronts these are good tenants and so we would ideally like not to have to threaten eviction but cannot let this continue to upset the other tenant in the way that it is. She has lived in this flat for 7+ years and not had the same problems with the previous 2 sets of tenants that have lived there.

Please could you advise how we should proceed on this?

Many thanks

03/01/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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