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I am going to use this procedure to claim possession, I served a S21 notice two and a half months ago. Please advise if the following is correct:

a) I need to fill out Claim Form N5b
b) I need to submit payment of 150 (will check with local Court whether this fee is correct) along with four copies of the Form, Tenancy agreement and S21 Notice. (There are two tenants).

c) The form mentions a demotion order on page 2, Clause 2. I presume this is irrelevant given that this is an AST taken from your website.

d) On the last page bottom right hand box 'if applicable', do I put my tel no and e-mail or is this for court use only ?

I am also confused about Clause 5 part c on page 2. Here it asks for a date when a notice was served on the tenant to say the tenancy would be an AST. I didn't serve a notice as such but signed an AST with the tenant on the day they moved in which clearly states at the top on page 1 that the agreement is an AST as part of the 1988 Housing Act. Do I therefore simply put the start date of the tenancy for this clause ?

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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