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I have tenants of 5 months in what was, when they moved in, a newly built flat.
During their tenancy they have;
Been raided by the Police for allegedly dealing in drugs. (They are known to the Police)
Annoyed all of the other tenants in the block with screaming and fighting.
Trashed the property with holes in walls, rads off walls and avoidable water leaks to the flat below, amongst other things.
I have issued section 21 notice and their lease is up end of Aug.
They are now playing a game in that they only have one item of furniture in the property, but are insisting they are staying.
I have not had rent for 1 month, since issueing the section 21.
It seems the original tenant is no longer around, but it appears that various other people are sometimes there, who only shout through the door and won't answer the door. They claim to be relatives.
Do I have to sit it out and wait for the end of Aug or should I apply for a court order now in anticipation of problems at the end of the tenancy.
Can I report them to the Police for malicious damage?
Am I entitled to gain access to effect repairs?
Is there anything else I should/could do?
Sorry for so many questions, but thanks for your help.

21/07/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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