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My tenant recently reported a a problem 'caused' by a shower mixer that is built in to bathroom wall.
Water leaked through wall & ceiling. This caused a patch of ceiling in Dining Room near underneath to collapse.
I organised an Emergency Repair through cover I have, the repair made was to cap off pipes to the shower.
I live far away from property which is in North of England. I arranged a Surveyor to visit as my nominated person. He reported that in the bathroom the wall with the shower pipes had been hacked out. The 'Hometeam' Emergency repair confirmed they only sent a Plumber for the job who just capped off the pipes. It seems obvious therefore tenant has chiselled in to the wall. At the same time he has been holding rent back pending the repair, which he offered to do in lieu of rent.

The Surveyor checked the house right through, and said it was filthy, carpets are damaged beyond possibility to clean, rear garden overgrown, dog mess all over garden. Tenants are clearly careless. The tenants have a two year old granddaughter in the house - the Surveyor suggested the house may not be fit now for a two year old.

First question, now that I am aware, Have I any obligation to inform Social Services?

I plan to serve a section 21 notice to vacate, Is this the best way to proceed? Do I have any obligation to make good the alledged 'shower' fault in order to be eligible to any rent the tenants should pay in notice period? The rent is due monthly on the 1st of the month per contract, what date can I enter on Section 21 letter for tenants to vacate if I issue letter before 1st December. Is this 31 Jan 2010, or 01 Feb 2010?

20/11/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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