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Karry G
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Ok, this has been going on for some time and despite what was a flawless (in the eyes of the law but NOT the judge ) possession order, the mad woman got a slap on the wrist and we have had to start again.

To put you in the picture, this tenant has two restraining orders against her , her ex-husband, he small children and the local Vicar .

Her central heating has broken down - she has accused my husband of going into her flat and taking her things and deliberately breaking the boiler . As she is under threat of possession yet again , we think it's all a ruse to try and back up her case to stay in the flat although her arrears are approaching 2000 .

She has told the Police and the local Council that my husband goes into the flat unannounced when she is in the bath !!

My husband is so scared of ending up,as her next victim of manic stalking that he goes no where near the property unless he has me or another witness with him. Quite frankly, this woman is so mad , he is scared of being alone with her in case he is accused of something really bad !!

I have transcripts of the mad telephone calls she has made to him - wild ramblings .

Do we go to the Police about her to strengthen the case or just tough it out with another flawless Section 8 and Possession Order . If we get the same daft old bat of a judge, she'll probably strike it out again for no really good reason other than she can !

The tenant has made accusations against the disabled man on the ground floor of sexually abusing her - she drove off another tenant completely .

-Please help - we are going mad ourselves here not knowing what to do !

11/07/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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