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we let our house through letting agentwith full managment,agent took 1200 deposit from tenant, we have written copy of that. we dont have any copys of tenancy agreement.At end of 6 months tenancy we told letting agent we would not be useing them any more and could they returne deposit back to tenant.(we did this as letting agent seemed dogy and we had troubble getting the rent off them,this was last december they have since gone under and we dont belive they returned the deposit).We took on the tenant in the property with a new 6 month tenancy agreement in january and agreed not to take a deposit off them as we knew them and they hadent had deposit back from letting agent.By may they were a proplem and a month behind with rent which is 800 a month. At beging of june we served them notice too leave the property at end of 6 month tenancy,whitch ended in july.They have payed no rent and wont leave and the woman is claiming she is their with baby on her own and is getting legal aid. Our soliciter seved a section 8,the tenant has counter claimed saying she did pay onother deposit and neither deposit was put in a sucure sheme, also that she has paid most rent and that we have embarked on a campain off harresment to her. all we have got now is a directinal hearing from the courts and are looking at a7000 to 18000 legal bill and not getting the property back for another 5 months. wat can we do too get them out as we canot aford this and will default on the mogage, surly we have a right too our house back.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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