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Dear Sir/Madam
I own a 2 bedroom attached house in london. Its fully managed by the letting agents. There was a pre condition by the tenants that 2 bedrooms needed to be painted and was painted before they moved in. The tenants moved in 21st june 08. On the day they moved in there was 3 black bags of wall paper and was left in the entrance hall. The decorator left it there to be removed the next day. Ever since the tenants moved in they were constantly complaining about the painted bedrooms that it was not upto their standard. They had no access to the back garden since the door was jammed. Just to keep the tenants happy I asked the letting/managing agents to repaint the two bedrooms again spending 450 all over again. Then I received a letter from the tenants on 16 sept 08 stating their greivances and requesting a compensation for the garden door 55.56 and bedrooms 605. They calculated 10 days for the garden door at 15% of the proportional value of the rent and 49 days at 33% of the rent, the total of 660. 56. I did reply stating that the decor was sufficient. Moreover the tenant painted the ceiling without taking the permission of either the agent or the ll. They were asked to leave as per the agreement giving sufficient notice, which they did. On 29 sept 09 I have received a claim form asking for 1350 claiming 780 for restricted use of the property 500 for causing significant stress, since they were asked to move out.
The property was fully managed.Am I responsible for anything if its fully managed. I think except for the bin bags, all other greivances the agent is responsible. What can I reply to the claim form. Do I need to pay even if the bin bags were removed later on. Who's responsible for the tenants greivances. Can I counterclaim since he has painted the ceiling without consulting me and has broken his agreement.Please advice
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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