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A tenant renting a room have agreed to move out of the premises on the 28 July(over one month's in advance but not in writing).

On the 28th July, tenant said that Croydon council has advised him that I need to give him 2 months notice in writing otherwise he would make himself voluntary homeless and they will not help him.

I said that I do not want to make you homeless and I have issued him a written notice to leave giving him a month's notice according to the contract.
He then move in his girlfriend and a dog and my contract clearly said that tenant are not allow pets in the house and that if anyone is staying over they will need my permission. His reply was he thought he was moving but the council told him about 2 months notice and he had just bought the dog and the dog and girlfriend is staying.

Today his girlfriend was having a shower and let the water overflow and flood the bathroom and into the ceiling and down to the ground floor. When I asked her how it happened, she said the drain was blocked (another tenant found needles and razor in the same shower only after this girl moved in)and she did not realise as her eyes were closed. I asked her if she did not feel the water on her foot, she said no.

This particular tenant is smoking drugs and his girlfriend (who is not a tenant but staying at property)are using drugs as other tenant complained of the needles and razor in the house only after this girl moved in.

Sorry to bored you with all the info, basically I will like to know:

1. If this tenant does not move after the notice period, what do I do next?
2. How can I get the dog and girlfriend to move as they are a breach of my contract?
3. Can I call in the police with regards to suspect drug use?

Thank you,,

17/08/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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