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we signed up a tenant on 3/9/11 for 12 months. the first rent paid cash the same day, following rent bit early 28 of every month till 28/11/11 and had a letter from them on29/11/12saying ,their circumstance changed and can't afford to pay the rent and want to break the contract. i wrote them back saying you have signed up for 12 months,however we shall put this property on the market for rent and when i find a new tenant, i can break the contract with you, and then on 5/12/12 ,he wrote,''unfortunately i amunwilling to pay as i was unaware of the terms and condition of the contract. within few minutes i signed i was not given the oppertunity to fully understand the contents, nor seek legal advice before signing.there was no cooling off period offered and it would be my intention to oppose any legal action taken againstg me.''
I had a letter from gurantor same day, garantor wrote,we understand that the tenants situation changed drastically and we can no longer offer to stand gurantors. gurantor also added ,the tenant has notified us of your terms and conditions of which we had no knowledge and if i had been fully aware,then we would not have agreed to fulfil this position.
i was out of the contry when this letters arrived, i have a relief manager ,he went to the the property on 8/12/12 ,no body answered on the door, so he rang the tenants girlfreind. she said they both have left the property and she will post us the keys. which is not arrived yet.when we ring her second time, the mother said she donot want our phone basically the propety is unoccupied. no rent.we have one spare key.but not for all ,like no windows and shed keys.the property need bit of cleaning,i still haven't been there so need to do proper inventeries.i have a rent gurantee insurance. can i change the locks? what steps i should follow.and do i need to inform water,gas and electric and council tax.-binita
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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