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Hi, I have been letting my property for five years to a couple who now have a 2 yr old child and now I need to get them out. First a little background.....During the first two years I had no problem whatsoever and in the 3rd year took my eye off the ball. In the 3rd year they began to miss payments and before I realised they had missed three on the trot. This was identified, discussed and a payment plan put in place, then the following year they missed another month and again I contacted them etc etc. It finally came to a head last year when they were missing odd months, not paying back the arrears and they announced that one had lost there job and they had applied to the council. It was at this point that we agreed to up the rent 50 (verbally)and although I had to wait two months they did start paying. I had to constantly contact them for payment and then they finally told me that he had found another job and the council were refusing to pay. At this time they agreed a payback plan and then the payments became regular and they were paying back the arrears. All was fine until December 2011 when I noticed that the arrears payment had not gone through for November and Decembers payment was due.

Since that time despite constant demands they have paid 450 of an owed 3,400.00 + arrears and so I served a section 8 notice on grounds relating to non-payment of rent. Since this time they have broken contact but are still at the address. I am happy to go through court proceedings but the cost attached is somewhat damaging considering the amount already owed, I'm now paying the mortgage myself and they are likely to dissappear owing me nearly 6k. Is there any other way I can resolve this issue legally and if not what should I do next?

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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