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After sending evidence to the Enviromental health that my tenants are damaging my house, the tenants have done it to the point i've now recieved the above notice. I'm unsure if i should look at it as a blessing ( the tenant agreement ends on 19th april 2009 and they said they would not go)as it means no one can live in there now and needs to be removed (i think), or does it mean i'm in big problem. I'm unsure if the order just meas i can not rent the house out in HMO, which is no problem for me as i will never rent it like that again. But does it mean the council will stop the housing benifit rigth away ( payment is due on 6th april 2009)? Does it mean i can entre the property, get it fixed?( i'm not allow to go there as one of the tenants attacked me and the court case is in may 09)
I know the tenants have done this so they can get rehoused as i would not renew, they have no deposit, and don't pay the rent on time or in full. I was just recieving he housing benifit direct which they have tried to stop several times.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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