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I recently started court action following the RLA AST contract expiring in December 2008.
I had a number of issues with the tenants but most of the problems were with the local council who were paying a portion of the rent.

Just after the initial court papers were filed on the tenant the council rehoused them. I was not infomed by anybody and the property was vacant for over a week before I discovered that they had gone.
There are significant rent arrears, letter charges, interest and damages. It has cost me 2,000.00 minimum to restore the property to a lettable condition.

What can I claim for in the small claims court?

Do I claim rent up to the actual day that the tenants left or can I add an extra month as a notice period even though the contract had expired?

Can I claim letter charges through the small claims court at 25.00 per letter?

Can I claim lost fees incurred for re-letting the property?

Should I detail all damages and itemise the costs for the repair and restoration of each room? I do have a detailed signed inventory.

It transpires that there are a number of outstanding debts and the tenants do not work. Is it worth even making a claim?

Please can anybody help with this? I do not want this person to get away with this.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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