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I have a problem tenant that is a danger to the others living in his block and I am looking for the fastest way to get him out.
This tenant lives in one of nine flats in a block. He is one of those who knows the system and has told my agent he intends to milk it and stay in the flat for as long as possible despite being given notice, a section 21 in June by my previous agents and a section 8 this week by my new agents.
He is being helped by a drug and mental health charity, and by a care worker from the local authority.
He causes huge problems with the other tenants, has wild parties going on all night, has drug-addicted chums round and is possibly a dealer of the same though it can't be proved, and has damaged his bathroom leading to water leaking into flats below.
Worst of all, however, he has torn the heat and smoke detectors off his ceilings which has incapacitated the whole fire alarm system for the rest of the flats, which, in my opinion, puts the other tenants in considerable danger. What's more, he will not allow my repair people in to fix it. He lied on his application form about being a non-smoker, so every time he lights up in this non-smoking building the detector goes off and he pulls it off the ceiling.
Is there any way I can evict him as a danger to others?
This is urgent.
Gerry Free
27/09/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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