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My tenants are due to leave within a month and are on a Assured Shorthold contract, and have also been given S21 on the same day they entered into contract last year. I informed them two months before contract due to expire that I will be showing tenants. They agreed verbally, but now threatening to refuse viewings. I understand that the MOUNTFORD case is not in my favour. However, I did not take a deposit, but 2 months rent instead. Therefore which court route do I go down, and when should I issue papers etc (before contract expires or after?).

If they allow viewings, they will want 24 hours written notice, in line with the contract. I wrote to them 2 months before to give them general notice of viewing, then last week I sent them written notice of specific dates and times (almost every day between hours of 5 - 7pm, with viewings taking no longer than 15-20 mins), and I said that I would text them (as they do not answer my tel calls) on the day to inform them if I am expecting tenants to come or not (and at what time). Is all of this sufficient?

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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