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I know I have written a few e-mails about these scumbag companies but just wanted to update you all on where I now stand - if any of you are interested in joining me in class action (making formal complaints to the OFT and Financial Ombudsman Servce, I have standard form, please see e-mail below) against either of these companies please e-mail me on

For those of you who have appointed CA/HR and have heard nothing and keep getting fobbed off, I recommend the following :
a)trace the debtor - I recommend Towerhall Solutions (details on suppliers page), they're good and quick and only charge 45 on a no trace-no fee basis.
b) arrange to meet the debtor at their new address. If they claim they have already paid CA/HR ask them to provide statements of proof.
c) If the debtor doesn't play ball or they do provide statements and you issue a complaint to CA/HR about witholding monies and they don't pay up, talk to Gary Unsworth at Progress Debt Recovery on 01772 674300 or 07581 177310 - HE IS EXCELLENT AND GETS RESULTS QUICK.

He will threaten the scumbag companies with winding up proceedings and then you should get a statement of account from CA/HR that the debt is collected and what is owing to you or at least some admission that the case is ongoing.

d) Don't worry about whether you have 'assigned' the debt to CA/HR, THE MONEY IS STILL ULTIMATELY YOURS (less their commission) IT IS JUST A WAY OF FOBBING YOU OFF.

Just to reiterate my position (sorry for any repetition). CA successfully collected the entire outstanding debt on my behalf of about 2600 in May 2008 and did not pass this money onto me. Having phoned them several times, I got fobbed off and as recently as Christmas they told me the debtor had gone off the radar and they were still trying to trace him !

Having got suspicious I traced the debtor and found he paid them ! so after asking for payment proof (e.g. statements)he promised he would get them but never did so I called Gary (see above) to threaten him, he got his ass in gear and sent them to Gary, then Gary issued threats to CA. CA then sent a statement admitting the debt was collected and what was owing to me (only about 1000 !) and finally after 2 months of pestering them I got my money the other week.


16/05/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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