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Further to the person who replied to our query regarding a tenant we could not remove we were 100% sure but now it's been proven, he's still in our apartment, we have a court hearing for August but he's now applied to a different letting agency who unlike our agent has checked the references. They are exactly the same as the references our agent had, he's even given a landlords name (not us obviously) we rang this landlord and he's saying our guy is a 'model tenant' we also rang his place of employment and again he's a model employee?. He's claimiing HB + Job seeker allowance + Student grant. We've threatened we're going to the police but he's ignored us saying 'it's all a misunderstanding'? but won't pay his rent. We're now waiting for the court hearing then we'll involve the police? We phoned the HB with our new evidene to discover they had closed the case? Our rent now 9 months in arrears. He gave a phone bill as proof of his address and of course it isn't our apartment, BT have informed us the bill is a forgery. How ever can you be sure references are to be trusted.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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