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Dear Sir/Madam
I have been letting out rooms in a house to unrelated individuals for a number of years on an informal and friendly basis. No one has ever asked me for a tenancy agreement. I have never had any problems until recently when one of the tenants (who moved in only about 5 months ago) has become troublesome. He has not paid the rent the full for about 4 months and is seriously in arrears. I listened to his hard luck stories and felt sorry for him (I have helped many other tenants in the past when they had financial difficulties) but last Sunday at about 5.00am I got a phone call from the other tenants and the police. It appears that he was argumentative all evening and then went of. He re-appeared at about 3.00 am and woke everyone up, started threatening and actually fighting one of the other tenants. He smashed my TV, microwave oven, kettle and a bathroom door, woke up half the neighbourhood because the fracas spilled out onto the streets.

The police were called and he fought with them and he was hauled away and appeared before the Magistrates on Monday morning and released on bail to re-appear in June, I think. The neighbours have complained to me as well as the Council.

He has promised to behave and replace the smashed goods, but I do not want him the house any more especially as now he is claiming that somebody has stolen property from his room and holding me liable and demanding that I repay him for his 'missing' goods.

Please advise me how I can get rid of him quickly, I dont really care about the outstanding rent arrears, I just want him out. None of the other tenants feel safe anymore, especially the female tenant who has already given her notice to leave by the end of May.This once extremely friendly and harmonious house has now become hell to visit.

Any positive solution would be most wellcome, please again remember that there is no tenancy agreement in place.

A Mohamed

30/04/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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