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Two tenants who were partners at the time signed a 6 month AST staritng 7th May 2011. Then on 7th November 2011 they signed a new 6 month AST. They have always been late payers and the last rent we received was 9th March which was for February's rent which should have been paid 7th Feb.

Anyway in the middle of April the girl e-mailed me saying she and her boyfriend had split up and had moved out. She said they would pay March, April and May's rent in the coming weeks. We picked up the keys from her however her boyfriend still had a set but she said he's send them to me.

A couple of days later he contacted us and said he'd got a new job and wanted to move back in. He promised to start paying us and we agreed a payment plan. So the last week in April he moved back in. His ex-girlfriend was due to pay one months rent at the end of April and he was due to pay two months rent 18th May which would bring them upto date but we haven't received any rent yet. Over the last week he has not been answering his phone or returning any of our calls and has not replied to our letter. She is living with her mum, doesn't answer calls but does reply to emails and she has promised to pay half a months rent at the end of May and another half at the end of June....

His AST has expired and he's on a rolling month by month term now. I will be owed 4 months rent on 7th June. Both are liable for three months and he is liable also for the fourth month and any subsequent months.

Anyway what are my options now? I want to server him an S21 and I also want my rent! If I server him an S21, it will expire on 7th August. However just to make things awkward we go on holiday for two weeks on 6th August. The holiday was booked in January before this mess started!! Also what shall we do with the girl who also has joint liability for 3 months rent?

Not sure what to do now!

26/05/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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