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Re: HELP! Tenant in rent arrears and damaging property

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Dear Help Desk

I have had a tenant in my house since December 3rd 2010, she has been persistently in arrears of 1, 2 and 3 months along with myself incurring bank charges as a result. I have taken the tenant to court 2 times and both have been thrown out due to the lettings agents dating the notice letters incorrectly by 2 days. The lettings agent only found the tenant and i manage myself.

The house is an absolute tip and extremely damaged along with the garden even though the property has all garden equipment to maintain. The house is furnished but will likely need replacing when i get her out.

The tenant was on benefits which I received a small amount from the local council directly but this has now been terminated as she is apparently fraudulently claiming according to the housing office.

Now I am stuck with her in my property wrecking it and the furniture and not being paid a penny! I have been with the local housing and benefits office and told after the section 21 notice has past and she does not leave I would have to take her to court again which could take another 2 months if the judge grants her another month in the property then if she does not leave after this the judge would send a bailiff round to evict her but could take another month for this to happen.

I have also been told by the local housing office that if I filed a CCJ against her after she is out then I would possibly get 2 a week and a maximum of 5 a week off her.
Most of these costs could have been avoided if the court would have agreed to evict her in the first hearing!

Basically I am going to be out of pocket in the region of 10,185.00 by the time I get her out, paid all the fees for courts, the damages repaired, new furniture, rent arrears and bank charges.

Do you have any advise? It would be very much appreciated!

Many thanks

28/07/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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