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Another 7 to 14days???

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After 2 years in trying to evict an awful family, I finally succeeded in the possession of my house. Hurrah1!! However the family have left all their wordly goods in my house, everything including their children's toys.I was told by the solicitor to give them another 2 weeks and by the Baliffs that everything in my house is now mine, so I can do as I wish.

I have not seen the family for over a year and when I tried to ring or email, I was ignored me. So you can imagine how I feel about giving them another day let alone 2 weeks. Their contract expired over a year ago and their rental arrears of almost 10000. They have wreacked my house and left me in a financial mess. I now need to sell my house...thanks to this family, who came highly recommended by the Council.. They stopped paying his benefit in March 2011 and the family stopped in Jan 2010. It has taken this long, due to our legal system protecting these awful people!!!!I obviously don't want a criminal record, but can I get rid of their crap now, which is going to cost me again?

I am fed up with the legal system protecting these "people", only for them to move on and repeat this to another innocent landlord. There should be a data base for "Bad Tenants"..

25/08/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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