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I am about to serve a Section 21 4(a) - the first time I have done this (I am a relative novice!) - primarily for non-payment of rent (+ rudeness!).

I had quite a long chat on Friday with Wayne at the RLA Helpdesk about what might happen if the tenant does not leave the property after the two month period and I have understood this.

However, knowing the tenant, I feel that she may well 'up sticks' fairly quickly and leave me with an empty property - which is good in that I shall not, hopefully, have to take her to court etc, but will obviously mean that I am earning no rental income (I have previously found this property does not let quickly).

The next rent is due on 30th October, so the S21 will be hand delivered tomorrow (before 29th October deadline), stating that she must vacate by 29th December. I am now chasing the outstanding arrears (currently one month - she did not pay on 30th September and I think that she will probably not pay on 30th October.) She receives Housing Benefit and she has now had a 'Request for Local Housing Allowance to be paid to the Landlord' form sent to me. I shall begin chasing the arrears through them.

When I took her on in the property (30th March 2012), she supplied a guarantor (her mother). It seems that the mother, herself, has not been working for 3 months (only just found this out!).

I need time to advertise this property, in order to re-let it. What are my rights, please? Can she just go, once I have served her the S21? What rent will I be able to insist upon (either through the Housing Benefit or her guarantor).

Looking forward to your help.

Many thanks.


27/10/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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