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Is it legal for me to send this letter to the tenant

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Dear Sirs,

I am having propeblems with a tenant who is causeing ASB. The concil have ordered me to evict the tenant, if i dont they will enforce a closure onto the property. Before I go ahead with a costly eviction I wanted to know if I am allowed to send the following letter with the hope that the tenants will leave on their own accord.

Thanks for your help. (letter below)

12th September 2011
Subject: Anti Social Behaviour from your property
Dear Miss Rachel Brown,
I am sorry that it has come to this but after my first warning to you about the Anti Social Behaviour coming from your house I am left with no choice.
The warnings have not seemed to help and there have been continuous complaints from your neighbours about the behaviour coming from your house in relation to excessive noise, abuse, rubbish etc and disturbance to your neighbours right to the “quiet enjoyment” of their properties.
The Oldham council ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR TEAM has told me that because of the behaviour and numerous complaints that they have had I HAVE TO evict you from the property. If I do not evict you or if you do not leave on your own accord then the council themselves will be evicting you and issuing a closure order onto the property. I have also been told that if this is the case then you will not be eligible to go on any future housing list and you will have nowhere else to go.
As you can see unfortunately I am left no choice but to go ahead and start an eviction process. This means a formal eviction notice will be issued and a court possession order will be taken in order to get you out of the property.
If you do not want this to happen then I highly suggest that you vacate the property on your own accord before this action is taken.
Please contact me to let me know what line of action you intend to take. If you intent to leave the property on your own accord let me know and I will wait up to 14 Days from this letter until I start the formal eviction procedure. If I do not hear from you within 7 Days of this letter being sent then I will be left no choice but to go ahead with the eviction.
Yours Sincerely,

David Rose

12/09/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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