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I have two tenants both students, their tenancy is coming to an end on the 15th August, one will move out the other is staying and finding another flat mate.
There has been a leak in the flat and whilst waiting for 2 weeks to get builders in and the 2 weeks the builders used to fix the problem (this being in may) I told the tenants that they wouldn’t have to pay rent for June, there was no shower available to them. This was very reasonable on my part.
The girl moving out is backed by her dad, he will not pay the last month rent, July, he says that I should take into account the travel costs and inconvenience for the whole incident.
He is I suspect waiting for the tenancy to end before telling me to take the money out of the DPS scheme, this tenants half covers the last month’s rent for her.
I have told him that the way the place was look after for the year was awful, typical students with bottles every where no sufaces cleaned and the tenant moving out smoked a lot which I told her was completely forbidden.
Can you advise what to do?
Sure I can wait another 12 days inspect the property and then start discussions, but the rent for July is now 3 weeks overdue.
Having read some of the other stories I realize mine is not the worst, I also have the tenancy covered for another year with these new ‘pair’ signing an agreement for another year.

The place should be proffessionally cleaned aswell costing about £150

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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